Welcome To SurrenderDorothy's Shop
Hi! My name is Veronica.
My family and I live a simple drama-free happy life in a big old turn of 19th century Carpenter-Gothic farmhouse in Raymond, Maine, USA. Our little slice of Heaven-in-the-country is a combination house/warehouse for our vintage goods and workshop for our handmade goods.

We design and hand create all the gorgeous one-of-a-kind bags & jewelry pieces you’ll find listed in our shop.
Carl, my man-person, refurbishes all of the gorgeous vintage sewing machines found in our shop and he's our photographer and shipping department too.

I've been buying, collecting and selling antiques for a very very long time and time is a great teacher.
Years of experience and study have taught me how to spot the subtle differences between authentic vintage/antique goods and goods that look like they might be old but aren't.
I'll tell you this, it's not the kind of learning you get from reading a book over a weekend ...or even a dozen books over a few months. It's an education you get from:
Crawling around in funky old attics and musty cellars.
Talking to people who've been in the antiques business for decades.
Visiting historic places and museums for fun.
Starting collections.
Getting really burned on several pricey purchases of what you thought were great old pieces.
Skulking around in the really good antiques shops.
Pouring over specialty trade publications.
Talking to old people.
Studying History and Art and Fashion and Music.
... and most of all, loving with all of my heart what I do.

This is a weird and crazy-making business and it isn't for everyone. Many of the most successful antiques and vintage shops I know of are run by folks well beyond the half century mark.
Why? Because that's how long it take to get good in this biz.
I'm still learning new stuff about old stuff every day... this education process never ends for me... and I've learned one other very important thing about selling vintage goods:

My reputation rides on every single item displayed in my shops. It IS what I say it is. Period.

If I have any doubt whatsoever about the authenticity of ANYTHING I might consider listing and I can't nail the era it came from, I WON'T Sell It.


SurrenderDorothy has taken The Honest Vintage Pledge:
“Everything that I have tagged as vintage in my shop is at least twenty years old or older. I stake my reputation on it.”

We are an Earth-friendly shop & often re-use clean boxes and packing materials still in good condition. (If you would prefer new shipping stuff, please let us know.)

We are delighted to combine shipping for multiple purchases both here & in our HerRoyalMajestyBags and IkarosFalls shops; just ask!

I believe that currently there are no outstanding warrants for either Carl or myself in the State of Maine.

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Don't see what your looking for? Hey! Just ask! Our vintage inventory stash is VAST! Maybe we have what just the very thing you need in our barn... you never know.

Antiques Prints Maps, Vintage Home Goods, Artisan Crafted Jewelry and Bags

Hey! I'm just getting set up here so please stay tuned as I post lots more vintage and handmade goodies!
Thanks for stopping in to visit.